Let us Spray


‘LET US SPRAY’ is a considered piece of work by painter Ben Oakley and glass artist Gonny Glass. A word play that has evolved from a simple spray paint stencil first painted in Leake Street, London, alongside Banksy and many other modern day masters of the spray can. Its depiction of Jesus with an aerosol can in each hand with red paint dripping, offers the viewer a strong visual metaphor.

‘The New Religion’ to coin a phrase from the same era as spray paint and stencil work became the next big thing in the art world, up to today where it has now been accepted in the main stream of Art Culture.

The next progression of the piece is this triptych in stained glass and screen-printed windows will be beautifully assembled by hand with both traditional and contemporary techniques.

There has always been a powerful marriage between art and religion since the beginning of time. The same is true of stained glass as an art form. In the middle ages these windows used to play the role of storyteller in houses of worship and although stained glass may not hold the same function anymore, both then and now it continues to teach and inspire, focussing on creating an atmosphere of light, colour and beauty. With the use of the stained glass method you are able to be transported back in time but still maintain a vibrant modern edge.

‘LET US SPRAY’ is a universal message to the masses.